Posted on July 3rd, 2013

​Possibilities are endless

  • ​With FluidTech’s unique modular build configuration, the flushing unit is capable of 220lpm flushing unit “self contained”.
  • Add on tank will allow up 1400 litres of volume, the flushing tank is equipped with heating elements and a heat exchanger to maintain a constant flushing temp.
  • Add on high flow/high velocity piston motor/triple gear pump transfer station allowing an achievable 1320 lpm.
  • This high flow flushing unit will allow FluidTech to flush your pipes at the required Reynolds number.
  • Nr = (3160 x GPM “US”) / (CS X D “inches”) = Reynolds number, general rule of thumb is this Reynolds number should be above 4000Nr.
  • Case study #1: Above is an actual job FluidTech was contracted to complete as capability do so was limited with other suppliers. 8” pipe for a turbine bearing oil line requires flushing, oil to be used has a viscosity of 32CS @ 40 Degrees Celsius, required Reynolds number of 4000 minimum Nr = (3160 x 202.53GPM or “766.66lpm”) / (20CS “32 @ 40 Degrees Celsius becomes 20CS @ 52 Degrees Celsius” X 8” “Diameter in inches”) = 4000Nr “Reynolds number”.
  • At the above case study FluidTech’s Unique Flushing rig is only running at 58.08% of full potential.
  • FluidTech flushed this pipe at 850lpm to ensure for the whole duration we were well above the customer's minimum Reynolds number and flushed at a constant 60 Degrees Celsius. Actual Reynolds number achieved = 5911.83Nr.
  • All results are electronically data logged for your convenience and peace of mind. The following parameters will be electronically logged:
    - Flow
    - Pressure
    - Temperature
    - Contamination
  • FluidTech’s Flushing rig is diesel powered, therefore eliminating the need for a three phase power supply and thus allowing FluidTech to flush anywhere, anytime.
  • The flushing rig has an estimated asset value of $250,000 + Skill with the technician supplied, so you the customer can rest assured your job will be done to your specific requirements with the most economical outcome possible.

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